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Buddha and Jesus: See the Similarities

Discover the Shared Teachings of the World’s Greatest Rebels


Before we begin to explore the similarities between the teachings of Buddha and Jesus, beyond the mere fact, both are men who lived on Earth as humans among us. I can hear the fundamentalists of Christianity and Buddhism begrudging me now.

If so, let’s remember what most people can accept as truth about fundamentalism and extremism regardless of faith:

“Extremism is the enemy of true religion. It hijacks faith and turns it into a weapon of hatred and division.” — Dalai Lama

The only possible exception to accepting this truth is those detached from the greater reality. Pray for those who don’t know or care to know because they don’t know better. If they did, they would. That’s compassion, and one need not be religious to figure this out.

Rebel, defined.

Siddhartha Gautama, widely known as Buddha, and Jesus Christ, revered as the Son of God, are revered as enlightened beings who revolutionized their respective religious contexts. Despite existing in different times and regions, these two human beings share striking similarities in their teachings and rebellion against certain aspects of organized religion.

If you love an excellent rebel story, read the history and teachings of both Buddha and Jesus. If you read any Bible with red letters, the red letters are the words of Jesus, as recorded by his disciples. Study the lives and teachings of both men, and given the willingness to improve our minds and open our hearts, we’ll find a way to see the similarities in all people, places, and things.

This article explores the history, teachings, and commonalities between Buddha and Jesus, shedding light on their shared quest to awaken humanity. We aim to “wake up” and see the similarities between our brothers and sisters of all faiths. After all, we are from the same place we return; eternal, loving light.

Both men teach us a way to find inner peace and salvation from our selfish selves even…



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