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How to Find the Oldest, Wisest, and Most Weathered Writers on Medium

Simple. Write an article and ask fellow members for help.


I would like to know if I could be one of the oldest writers and members on Medium. At the end of my short article, I’ve got a simple ask for your help to connect with other writers on Medium who are over fifty.

98.4% of the articles on Medium seem to be about making money. The average age here is younger than fifty, maybe thirty-seven.

My article aims to see if I can begin influencing some of the content and headlines we see on Medium. I intend to create awareness and invite more of my peers to join.

I love to write because it makes me feel rich regardless of the money I make. I’m sure it’s true for almost every other member on Medium. After all, we are a community that helps each other.

If writing keeps us young of mind and heart, let’s see how we can attract more writers who have been where we want to go in business and life. Let’s see if we can learn more from elders.

“Wisdom comes with winters.” — Oscar Wilde

Three Stages of Life

That could mean most writers on Medium are in the learning and earning stages of life, stages one and two of three.

  1. Stage one is learning.

2. Stage two is earning.

3. Stage three is serving and giving.

I’d love to see the work of older, wiser writers who write about the business of life. I’d love to see fewer articles about making money and more about making life significant. I’d love to read more here about the inner game of business, life, trial and error, our falls, and redemption.

I’m not suggesting that there is nothing to learn from the many excellent articles here. The focus is clearly on learning and earning more money, and that’s okay unless you’ve already done that for thirty years.

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” — Mark Twain

Priorities Change with Age



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