I learned to paint during a pandemic, and everyone I know is shocked.

How to Love Your Work Even If You Hate Your Job

9 Keys to Changing Your Life and Workplace Satisfaction

“Meaningless inhibits fullness of life and is therefore equivalent to illness. Meaning makes a great many things endurable — perhaps everything.” — C.G. Jung

When I was a younger man, and a boy, I had what I thought were some of the worst jobs in the world. For example, one winter I worked at a ski area. My job was dragging frozen fire hoses across ski slopes so the snow maker dudes could make snow when God could not or would not. If you don’t believe hell can freeze over, I assure it can if you’re a snowmaker.

I remember countless jobs I thought were dead end places to exist; dishwasher, landscaper, apartment and house painter, and farmhand. Looking back on all the supposed dead-end jobs I had, there’s one lesson I wished I could have learned much sooner; every job had purpose and meaning only when I could be self aware enough of that simple fact.

The Problem with Work Is Us

Did you know that over 70% of workers in America who respond to human resource surveys on workplace engagement reveal they aren’t engaged in their work. Workplace engagement is one measure of how meaningful and connected we feel when at work. If you had surveyed me while dragging a frozen fire hose across a tundra in New Hampshire when I was snowmaking grunt, I would have told you I’d rather be dead than come back to work most days.

Here’s the flip side of workplace engagement from a 2018 Gallup survey:

“The percentage of ‘engaged’ workers in the U.S. — those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace is now 34%, tying its highest level since Gallup began reporting the national figure in 2000.”

The Solution Lives Within You

If you’re one of millions of people who feel little or no meaning at work, and you’re not sure of your life or professional purpose, this article is for you. If you don’t see all of your troubles at work and in life happening because of how you think, think again. The universe works as a mirror and reflects who we are..



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