My vision of a Time Bank, thanks to DALL-E

How to Own a Time Bank

Based on a True Story!

How much is your time worth? Who’s in charge of your time? What would it take for you to see time in a different light?

You’re about to learn how I see time. By the time you finish my article, I hope you see your time in a different light.

Maybe you’ll be ready to launch a Time Bank you can call yours.

How Much Are You Worth?

You are priceless, even if your head trash tells you differently.

After that, your time is worth what you believe it is. You are in charge of your time unless you play the victim card. All it takes to see your time in a different light is the willingness to open your mind and heart to see your full potential.

Here’s a practical view of time: how much I have left based on current life expectancy and my propensity to be overconfident.

  • About 20 more years.
  • 240 months.
  • 1,040 weeks.
  • 7,300 days.
  • 175,000 hours.

If you do the math on the time you have left, the question might become, “How do I want to use my time if I own all of it?”

Know Thyself

You have to know yourself well. When you know yourself well, you know what you don’t want. When you know what you don’t want, you can see what you truly want.

When you know who you are and what you want, you can create a plan of action steps to get what you want.

You can ask for help. You can watch 10,000 YouTube videos or read countless books.

Learning who you are, what you want, and how to get it without being a selfish jerk is your life purpose. It’s the same for the rest of us, I think.

Time Suck

As kids, most of us remember staring at the clock on the classroom wall in school, wondering how time could move so terribly slowly—for me, time crawled slower than Tesla’s hogging the fast lane.

Time can suck when we don’t spend it wisely.



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