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The Hidden Power of Not Knowing

How to Embrace Uncertainty In Uncertain Times

Have you ever felt anxiety not knowing what’s next? For example, many of us fear and are anxious about not knowing how to pay our bills, find the right job, or connect with a lover we can love unconditionally.

If so, rest assured that pain, discomfort, worry, fear, and anxiety are normal emotions when the untrained mind knows not how to find serenity in not knowing. As a lifelong entrepreneur, transcending the toxic emotions that overwhelm us when we don’t know what’s next has been a powerful transformation for me. That’s one reason I love writing about it, even though I make a living investing in real estate.

I’ll summarize a phenomenal book called, “The Wisdom of Not Knowing: Discovering a Life of Wonder by Embracing Uncertainty.” It’s a spiritual guidebook by psychotherapist and Jewish spiritual teacher Estelle Frankel. The book explores ancient texts, personal anecdotes, and practical insights and provides a road map for embracing the unknown as a source of wisdom and spiritual growth.

As always with my book summaries, if the topic resonates with you, you buy the book and make the most of helping yourself improve the art of human transformation.

The Fear of Not Knowing

Frankel delves into the human tendency to fear the unknown, a natural reaction that often leads to anxiety and stress. She provides tools and techniques to face this fear, teaching readers how to sit with uncertainty and even embrace it as a source of inspiration and creativity.

Frankel recognizes that the fear of the unknown is not merely a philosophical or spiritual challenge but a profoundly human and psychological one. The need for control, predictability, and security often leads us to resist the uncertainties of life, resulting in anxiety, stress, and even stagnation. Frankel does not dismiss these fears but seeks to understand them, tracing their origins to our primal instincts and societal conditioning.

She provides tools and techniques not to eliminate the fear of the unknown but to transform our relationship with it. Through mindfulness practices, guided meditations, reflective exercises, and the teachings from various…



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