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Why Almost 50% of Maricopa County Arizona Residents Receive Medicaid Benefits (AHCCCS)

The Facts About Entitlement and the High Cost of Dependency

The facts you're about to see can be viewed as good or bad and much in between. This article is about the number of people currently receiving state benefits for healthcare.

It's also about choosing your perspective about the world around us and applying yourself in the ways you see fit. We can become part of the problem or the solution no matter what age we live in; it's a matter of mindset and perspective.

Today, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle class struggles to stay afloat. Indeed, there have been times when the same is true. Conversely, to be here in America, a heavy price has been paid by our ancestors. We must lift and honor the nation we live in despite our differences.

The Problem Is Us

The simple truth is we are the problem; our federal, state, and local policies all reflect the moral fiber of the residents living here.

All through history, as you're about to see, humanity can be incredibly magnificent and productive. We can also be brutally selfish and destructive.

Nature explains our predicament; change is a constant, and all waves must crest and trough.

We are an essential part of the solution even if we can’t solve it at the root cause; ourselves. Perhaps there will be divine intervention or a flood in California that doesn’t solve the water crisis because all the water swept back into the ocean.

The Current Economic Tides Are Out

My curiosity led me to research this subject, and I am no expert on social policy, political science, or much else. I'm a guy who cares enough to observe, read, learn, and explore the dynamics that make humans, families, and society tick.

Even though I'm not a math major, the numbers in Arizona look grim despite my long-term and bullish outlook as a resident of Arizona and a commercial real estate developer.

The trend doesn’t look good despite the many positive developments in Arizona:



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