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Why the People You Love the Most Are the First to Dismiss Your Dreams

How to Overcome Your Headtrash and That of Others

Fear is the primary reason the people you love the most are the first to dismiss your dreams.

Here’s an example. I fell madly in love with my wife over forty years ago. At first, I was too chicken to ask for a date. Over time, as the universe would have it, we took a long bicycle ride on our first date.

College graduation was in May of 1983. College can be an exhilarating experience when we can cross the chasm of adolescence to graduation.

When my parents arrived for graduation, we went through the motions like everyone else. After graduation, on the way to celebrate with a nice family dinner, I told my parents, “I’m going to marry Janice.”

My parents both smiled and said in their way something like this, “No way, kid. You’re too young to get married. You’re too young to know doodly squat about the world, let alone what you’re going to do for work now that you’ve graduated from college. Focus on your career. Forget about getting married for now. You’ve got other priorities.”

I ignored them both. I knew what was in my heart, and it was an infatuation that blossomed into love beyond words. Janice and I got married on October 26, 1985.

Ignore and Forgive Those Who Know Not

I ignore other people’s fear. The Lord knows I’ve got enough of my own.

Not one time did I let the doubt of my parents discourage me. Sure, I had self-doubt. But my heart was on fire. I trusted that.

I can’t explain how or why any of this happened, but it did, and to most of the people we know and love, it’s a freaking miracle Janice married me. That’s why I give God all the credit.

The point of my story is stuff like this happens all the time. It is common for us to let the fears, doubts, and head trash of others hold us back. It all begins in our formative…



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